Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 6:00pm


Hampshire Record Office
Sussex Street
SO23 8TH
United Kingdom


Paul Cavill will give an illustrated talk on the origins and history of English placenames. He will also speculate about future trends in place naming.

Dr Paul Cavill of the University of Nottingham is an expert in Anglo-Saxon literature and culture and in English place names, their history and prehistory. He is the Director of the English Place-Names Society.

The English Place-Name Society is a learned society concerned with toponomastics, in other words, the study of place-names (toponyms). Its survey covers the historic counties of England. Its scholars aim to explain the origin and history of the names they study, taking into account the meaning of the elements out of which they were created (Gallo-Brittonic, Old English, Norse, Cornish); the topography, geology and ecology of the places bearing the names; and the general and local history and culture of England. The English Place-Names Society was founded in 1923 in order to carry out The Survey of English Place-Names. It has now published more than 80 volumes.