Our supporters

The English Project has won the support of a wide range of distinguished individuals and regional, national and international bodies.

This includes the firm endorsement of Professor David Crystal OBE, our patron, who is one of the world’s leading experts on the English language. David is also a member of our Colloquium, our language advisory board whose members also include Professor Bas Aarts (University College London), Dr Carolin Esser (University of Winchester), Susie Dent (lexicographer and Countdown expert), Dr David Graddol (The English Company), Professor Jennifer Jenkins (Southampton University), Jonathan Robinson (British Library), Professor Barbara Seidlhofer (University of Vienna) and Professor Clive Upton (Leeds University).

We also have the active encouragement of the English-Speaking Union, the British Council, and the BBC, together with Winchester City CouncilHampshire County Council and the University of Winchester. We have also received financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.