Join us for the English Language Day Lecture 'A History of Punctuation' by Prof Chris Mulvey

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This year's free English Language Day Lecture will be presented on 13th October at the University of Winchester by Professor Christopher Mulvey. Click here for more details:

Punctuation Mark of the Month

October and the Apostrophe

The exclamation is the most derided punctuation mark. The apostrophe is the most mistreated. Robert Burchfield, when editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, thought that apostrophes were appearing so haphazardly that it might be best if they were abandoned altogether. The Apostrophe Protection Society was one response. It has ‘the specific aim of preserving the correct use of this currently much abused punctuation mark in all forms of text written in the English language’. The society’s website has had close to two million visitors. That shows ... Read more


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